Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2012

So as you may have noticed, I have been a little MIA in the past few weeks. My excuses? Computer Science.. and well, Computer Science. It all goes back to my major, honestly. I have been struggling to find time for my programs and blogging, as well. If you know what Computer Science is, then you would know it can be very time consuming if you are handed something to do that you have no idea how to start or put together. So, I have been around a computer, just not blogging.

If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram then you will know I recently had the opportunity to go to Baltimore, Maryland. Thanks to my wonderful school, advisor, and some funds, me and another female student (Elise) got to go to the Grace Hopper Conference. If you know anything about Grace Hopper than you know she is a very special women that contributed her part in the history of programming. So every year women around the country, and world, come together in her honor to celebrate the accomplishments of all women in computing.

source: Elise

We had such a fun time meeting people from companies ranging from Microsoft and Apple, to Facebook and Twitter. It was a great way to network and meet new people that are studying the same thing as you, AND were women. I had the chance to hear about a lot of the exciting work they are doing in their jobs and at their schools.

I also went to a Latinas in Computing lunch where I met young ladies that were Hispanic as well. I had a really nice time and I'm glad a new friend I made at the conference, (Maria, who happens to work for Microsoft) told me about it.

source: Elise

Of course, it wasn't all work. The conference was a celebration after all. We had the opportunity to volunteer for a few of the presentations and award ceremonies. Elise and I, also decided to check out Baltimore on our own and realized that it was quite a beautiful city.

The conference was also celebrating the 25th Anniversary of SYSTERS which is an email list that most women(and now, me and Elise as well) can communicate about different topics in the field, and give advice to each other. The celebration was actually held in the Maryland Science Center (a very cool building)!

We got to see all the exhibitions they had and we even saw an IMAX 3D presentation called "Wild Oceans", which was very informative! A few of the companies were there to join the celebration and of course, gave out some goodies, like these glowsticks, shirts and other cool stuff. 

There was also lots of yummy deserts!

In the end, I have to say this was an experience I will never forget. What I got out of it will help me develop my career and keep me focused. It was such a great opportunity to get tips from people who are so successful and enjoy what they do. If you have the opportunity to go to any type of conference in what you're interested in, I would definitely recommend to go to them. They keep you in the right direction and help you develop many skills.

Next year the conference will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota and I would love to go again. However, if that doesn't happen I will have the memories from this wonderful trip to remember it by.

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