October 2012 Birchbox (goop)

This month's box is a collaboration with the website goop.com. This website apparently specializes in trends and pretty simple but stylish items. They send out a weekly email "issue" with these items. According to Birchbox, this month's theme was "Transformation". Not sure how transformative these items are though. 

Read the cards below for the actual description (:
(click them to make bigger!) 

Caudalalie | Vinoperfect Radiance Serum: If any of you are like me and constantly read beauty blogs, or watch YT videos, you will know this brand is quite popular at the moment with most. I was so excited to receive this sample (which is probably the size of my thumb in height). It is suppose to brighten skin tone and fade dark spots. It seems like an interesting product, and I can't wait to try it. This brand is also a bit expensive, so I probably won't be trying the full size.
Full size, $79

DDF | Brightening Cleanser: Yes.. this is probably the biggest bottle I have received in Birchbox. Not only that, but the heaviest. Haha. As soon as I was handed my box at the post office, I began shaking it because I felt the obvious weight difference from previous boxes. Finally! A good sample size! I also think I will get a good use out of this since it's so big. I'm pretty excited to try this cleanser!
Full size, $38

per-fekt Beauty | Lip Perfection Gel in Melrose: Before I talk about the item, let's just point out the cute packaging for this tiny sample. It's super cute, and even my roommate noticed it. I like the way they show their other colors off. Very smart idea and it definitely get's the person's attention. Now, back to the sample. Isn't it tiny? Yes, it is a sample after all but so much flower for the tiniest little center. I actually like this color. Very fitting for Fall and my skin tone. So, good job Birchbox on that.
Full size, $24

Miracle Skin Transformer | SPF20 Face: So when I saw this I wasn't sure what it was. It looks like a foundation, but it claims the same things as a BB cream. However, they never call it a foundation OR BB cream. Apparently it is a a primer with a tint. That makes sense, right? Well, on another note, I think two mini samples is pretty good. I will probably get either one or two uses out of this. Depends on how I feel it covers my face.
Full size, $48

Lifestyle Extra
LUNA Fiber | Chocolate Raspberry: This fiber bar sounds pretty good. I'm not really a fan of fruit bars, but this one has chocolate, so it might be better. The raspberry also makes me question if I will like this, but I will definitely give it a shot.
Pack of 15: $14.95

Lifestyle Extra
Mighty Leaf Tea | Assorted Teas: I always get so excited to get tea. I'm sure most people wouldn't want to get any in their Birchbox, but it's fun to try new teas. Sure, it sucks if you don't like any, but out of three chances are you will like at least one. These flavors sound so yummy, I mean.. Green Tea Tropical, Organic Earl Grey, Organic African Nectar. Yum! 
Box of 15: $9.95

Overall Opinion
I was pretty content with my box this month. I got some pretty yummy things (Mighty leaf Tea & Luna Fiber bar), so I can't complain about that - specially if they were extras! Love that they sent a bigger sample this month (DDF cleanser) and that it made me think I was getting my dollar's worth. Of course, I can't forget to mention the little sample from Caudelie! So, I liked my box. It was filled with a variety of things I will definitely be trying out in the weeks ahead! :)
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