Copperhead - Sally Hansen

Brand: Sally Hansen
Collection: Lustre Shine
Name: Copperhead 008
Price: $7.99

Application: Like all Sally Hansen nail polishes, it was a nice experience putting this color on. With just a one you're set with this color. The brush was pretty thick and it picked up a lot of the color. The polish was very thick as well which is why the color payoff was probably so good.

Color: The color of this polish is very interesting. I made sure to include photos of the bottle up close so you can see all the beautiful colors that are in there. You can see a lot of green and sometimes blue and purple. However, the most clear color is a copper bronzy color. That's the color that you see in your nails after you apply it. There is some times when a shadow of blue can be seen on the nails, but it's very rare.

Overall Opinion: I'm so impressed by this color. It's so gorgeous and perfect for this time of the year. This line of Lustre Shine polishes are amazing and I recommend them. 


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