Kate Spade SALE Wishlist

So, if you haven't heard, Kate Spade is having another sale this weekend! I have already taken part of one of their recent sales for Friends and Family(since I never buy anything from KS at their original price), which means I'm banning myself from taking part in this one. However, this didn't stop me from gushing over all the cute stuff they had. I made this wishlist to show you guys what I would have picked up if I had a gorgeous sum of money in my bank account. The current sale is 25% off current sale items to make room for their new holiday items. So check out the prices, maybe something will catch your eye. :)

1. Parisian Lights Eiffel Tower Earrings - weekend sale price: $24.75 (link)
2. Felix flats - weekend sale price: $103.50 (link)
3. Garance Dore Bon Shopper - weekend sale price: $103.50 (link)
4. Marble Hill Abstract Graphic Scarf - weekend sale price: $55.50 (link)

To participate in this sale use the code NOV12SALE on items already in the sale section. This code expires Monday, November 5.

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