My Top Apps of 2013

This year I was lucky enough to find some really nice apps. Most of the time, they were used for many aspects of my daily life. So if something definitely stood out this year I would say it was definitely this.

A lot of these apps I discovered earlier in the year, and quickly recommended them to many people. Some were not that popular when I discovered them and since then, they have even expanded to the Android market since they were so successful in the Apple App Store.

Check out my top picks!

Winter iPhone Backgrounds

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you have probably seen a lot of the nice photos I have shared. Since I usually use all these photos as my phone backgrounds, I thought it would be a good idea to start sharing some. Now anyone can have them on their phones too. I'm really excited about doing this since I know I will have a lot of nice shots for future backgrounds.

For now enjoy these season appropriate shots!

Directions: Just click on the download link, and save the image to your phone!

Winter Wonderland: download \\ Snowy Trees:download \\ Woods: download

Snow on Campus

Last week while studying for Finals, I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up. Being from Miami, any little amount of snow falling amazes me. For weeks there had been talk of snow, but  when it actually did snow it didn't last very long. This time though, it was different. I kept looking forward to this day because it looked like it had a higher chance than normal.

I woke up to a good amount of snow already scattered on the ground. I used any chance that day to go outside and walk in it. The campus looked so magical! 

Walking in the snow is so much fun for me. It can be annoying as well though. Unless you're well covered you will end up with wet hair, a wet face, and freezing limbs. But that never stops me from going out and enjoying it while it falls.

This photo above makes me laugh every time I see it because it's the first time I've taken a photo like that. I think it was about time for me to have one so here it is for the whole world to see! Haha.

Stay warm!

Instagram Diary: November 2013

Watching John's game in Yale - Yale Fall - On our way to Washington DC
Washington Monument - DC Sunset - Capitol Building
It's getting so cold - Small snow shower - Krispy Kreme at Mohegan Sun

November went by too fast! Not only is it the last month of the Fall Semester for me, but it means time is ticking away. At the beginning of the month I got the chance of going to one of John's soccer games. It happened to be in Yale so I was pretty excited since I had never been there. It was a good game since he scored(and I missed it of course.. but what counts is that I was there to support him! right?). We also planned a quick weekend trip to Washington DC which was completely not in our plans for this month. It was a nice change from being in school for past months. I got to see so many monuments and places I only saw on tv. It was pretty amazing honestly! After that, my next thing to look forward to was Thanksgiving. Well, that and snow! It finally snowed a little bit for like 30 minutes one night. Thanksgiving was amazing! Then the following day we went to Mohegan Sun casino.

This month felt like I kept looking forward to things. First it was the DC trip, then Thanksgiving and now again towards Winter Break. I'm currently in my last week of classes and Finals are next week. So after that I have lots of exiting things to do for the break. Like most people, December is one of my favorite months so I'm not that sad that November is over. I can't wait to see how everything turns out! :)

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Thanksgiving in Connecticut

Our Weekend in NYC

A few weekends ago, John and I went to New York City. He had spent a week with me in Jersey and then after our city trip we would part ways for two weeks. We had been there together once before this year but were very rushed since it was a trip with the university to see museums. We had been planning on coming back since then.

I love traveling with him, because since we started dating we haven't stayed in the same place for too long. We arrived in the city early afternoon but decided to stay in for a bit. At night we went to a BBQ place I had been to before called Dallas BBQ. We had a really good time there! A lot of fun memories from that night. 

The next day was when we squeezed everything we wanted to do. We started off with Panera for breakfast (and I'm officially counting this as the day I fell in love with Panera) and headed toward Union Square to check out stores. Our first goal was to find the nearest Zara (our favorite store), and when we found it we realized it was closed! This is the second time this has happened to us in NYC. We eventually walked to another part of town and found another one.
Rockefeller - Empire State Building - Flatiron

 After spending most of the days in stores like Zara, Banana Republic(discovered my love for it), Kate Spade, and H&M, we headed uptown in search of Central Park (which John had not been to). However before getting there we grabbed some lunch in a new favorite for me. This weekend was definitely one of those weekends I fell in love with many places. This time it was with a little place called Pret A Manger, which translates to ready to eat in French. They have a lot fresh pieces(all made the same day) like sandwiches, salads, wraps, soups, and more. I quickly found out there are a lot of these in NYC, but not outside of it, which makes me very sad!

We finally arrived at Central Park and by this time we were exhausted. After what seemed like forever (barely made it halfway in) I had decided it was time to stop, so we sat for a while and watched people learn how to tango.
Where we stopped for a rest
Rockefeller at night - such a gorgeous shot
Radio City
We ended our night with some nice Forrest Gump moments by eating at Bubba Gump (had never been there either). Our dinner was very delicious and we had a really nice view of Times Square from our seat.

After this we were stuffed! We walked downtown to the apartment and enjoyed the night. The next morning we squeezed last minute shopping and sadly parted ways. The weekend was absolutely amazing and just what we needed. Hopefully we can come back to the city very soon.

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Instagram Diary: June 2013

June was a pretty awesome month from beginning to end. It was my first full month working at the internship and the whole being in different states/being separated for the first time with John has been working out (click here to read all about this). I feel like not much has been accomplished as far as my blog, but I have accomplished a lot of little things that I wanted to do.

  • We spent a lot of time by the river, and we even went kayaking on it which was so much fun!
  • Sunsets were our favorite time to relax by the river. The sound of the water hitting against the rocks was very soothing.
  • One of the weekends we ended up going to New York. I loved traveling with him, but in the end we had to be apart for two weeks.
  • Wearing bright lipstick is becoming my favorite look.
  • On one afternoon I went out with some relatives to eat crab and then to get some drinks. The place was so beautiful and different.
  • I had the chance to try a few drinks this month as the picture above shows. That day I went to this place called Havana in New Hope, PA. Being Cuban I must say it was not very Cuban. 
  • Finally on the last day of the month John turned 21! I of course, tried to spoil him any way I could. According to him he had a great time that weekend, so mission accomplished!

Other events that didn't make it on to Instagram:
  • We had the chance of going to Atlantic City and staying at Tropicana hotel & casinos. That day I had a nice beginner's luck with the slots machine and won over $200!
  • I've never wanted to drink before my 21st birthday so now that I've been legal for a while I have been enjoying trying new drinks. 
  • Last year was the year of traveling in airplane a lot and this year it's definitely a train year. I have lost track how many trains (and now buses too!) I have taken on weekends to go visit John. 

I can't believe this month was filled with so many new adventures for me. Can't say I have minded traveling because it was worth it! For a fact, I know this next month is going to be very different for sure. Hopefully I will get a lot of things I want to get done.

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The Fabulous Fauves

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." 
-  Pablo Picasso

Since I was little I always had a fascination with art. Painting was a favorite pastime of mine from a young age. I loved drawing, mixing colors, and overall being creative. Early on in elementary my pieces were featured in local fairs, and museums which made me so happy and accomplished! As the years passed, I lost some of my excitement for art.

Watching everyone succeed sometimes holds you back, and makes you question your talents. I never wanted to be an artist because I knew it was a tough field to be in and you could only take that on if you really had a passion for it! So I let it go for a while, and let the other young artists succeed.

Looking back at those years, letting go was hard for me. I always wanted to be creative and find new ways to express myself. I remember I went through periods where I would dig out my acrylics and drawing pads, and let my mind go wild. It always felt very easy to jump back into it.

Fast forward to now, and you have someone who has let go of her creative side for a long time. Being away from the art world feels like I'm starting from scratch, but not quite. In the Spring of '12 (freshman year of college), I finally jumped back into my happy place. I took an Art credit which ended up being a painting class. Getting all the new paints, and canvas made me really happy and excited to get back to where I was. 

My first few paintings were good, but not the best in my opinion. My first subject was an apple that my roommate had from dinner. It was a very simple gray scale painting. Somehow, a few paintings later, I was guided to paint from Matisse paintings. Henri Matisse was a French artist famous for his expressive colorful paintings. He is the reason why I am once again interested in Art.

The recreation of his work was quite fun for me to do. I loved using and blending all these colors! To my surprise at the end of the semester my professor asked me if I wanted to give my paintings up to be hung in the library. Of course, I said yes! So that's where they are now - hanging with the other student paintings in the library. This made me feel so accomplished and it was as if I never left my love for art behind.

Now, this past semester another event has reignited my love for Art. I had to take another required elective, but it could have been from any topic, yet I chose the Art of American History. Let me just just say that I have learned so much from that class, in terms of different genres and ways of analyzing art. It has also opened by eyes to how I see the world. I see influences of art movements everywhere I go, and now have a new found love for museums and galleries. My inspiration for the paintings in the previous class also popped up in the lessons, which made me love the Fauves movement even more.

So, knowing all this about me, you can imagine how excited I was when I found this book over the weekend, and my aunt's apartment which John and I stayed at. As I looked over it, my smile got bigger and heart melting. Yep, I really wish I owned a book like this. There is so much inspiration in it!

I really hope to keep at my creative aspirations and I will definitely share any new artistic interests I have.

Are any of you interested in Art? Do you paint, draw, design, or just plain read about it? 

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Magic, Love and Sunsets

Being away from blogging for so long is not something I'm proud of. It was more of a decision than careless preoccupation. Looking back now, blogging was pretty much my life and my "happy place", and without it something seemed off. I managed to replace this emptiness with Instagram, which was not as time-consuming, but I always felt like I lacked the space to be open and creative. 

Let me try to bring you up to date to where I am now...

In the past 6 months I have:
  • finished my second year in college, and what a year it has been! (main reason I decided to put off blogging - education comes first)
  • met a wonderful, sweet, caring guy named John, and have been dating almost 5 months now
  • been enjoying life more than ever. I have tried a variety of foods and visited a good amount of places in the Northeast
  • took a roadtrip to Miami with John for Spring Break (all the way from Connecticut! - 27hrs )
  • given Instagram lots of love (Link)
  • not purchased ANY makeup - dun dun dun! What a Shock! Haha
Now I am:
  • staying the Summer somewhere in Jersey for an Internship
  • traveling back and forth to spend weekends with John before he leaves to Spain for a month
  • living my first Summer in the Northeast (someone please take me to the beach!) 
  • spending too much time watching the sunsets from my river view 
  • watching non-stop Once Upon a Time (awesome show, watch it now!)
  • working on a few projects to keep me busy
  • excited to be back to the blogging world!!
As you can see there have been good times in my break from blogging, but I feel like way more will happen in the next 6 months as well! So for now, I leave you with that, and let my blogging adventures continue from here.

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How to Import RSS Subscriptions in Google Reader to Bloglovin'

Hi everyone! I will be back to blogging very soon. I'm trying to change a lot of things and start new projects, so once everything seems organized to me, I will be posting as regularly as I can. For now I wanted write this quick post.

Yesterday, Breanna from My Beautiful Crazy Life posted  a few instructions on how to import your Google Reader subscriptions to Bloglovin'. As some of you may know, Google Reader will stop working starting July 1st, so if that is your way of keeping up with my blog or any others, than I suggest you try this.

Once you have an account with them you can click the link below and click the button that will apear! This will give Bloglovin' permission to transfer the blogs you follow on to their site.

I hope to see all around very soon! 

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