Magic, Love and Sunsets

Being away from blogging for so long is not something I'm proud of. It was more of a decision than careless preoccupation. Looking back now, blogging was pretty much my life and my "happy place", and without it something seemed off. I managed to replace this emptiness with Instagram, which was not as time-consuming, but I always felt like I lacked the space to be open and creative. 

Let me try to bring you up to date to where I am now...

In the past 6 months I have:
  • finished my second year in college, and what a year it has been! (main reason I decided to put off blogging - education comes first)
  • met a wonderful, sweet, caring guy named John, and have been dating almost 5 months now
  • been enjoying life more than ever. I have tried a variety of foods and visited a good amount of places in the Northeast
  • took a roadtrip to Miami with John for Spring Break (all the way from Connecticut! - 27hrs )
  • given Instagram lots of love (Link)
  • not purchased ANY makeup - dun dun dun! What a Shock! Haha
Now I am:
  • staying the Summer somewhere in Jersey for an Internship
  • traveling back and forth to spend weekends with John before he leaves to Spain for a month
  • living my first Summer in the Northeast (someone please take me to the beach!) 
  • spending too much time watching the sunsets from my river view 
  • watching non-stop Once Upon a Time (awesome show, watch it now!)
  • working on a few projects to keep me busy
  • excited to be back to the blogging world!!
As you can see there have been good times in my break from blogging, but I feel like way more will happen in the next 6 months as well! So for now, I leave you with that, and let my blogging adventures continue from here.

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