The Fabulous Fauves

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." 
-  Pablo Picasso

Since I was little I always had a fascination with art. Painting was a favorite pastime of mine from a young age. I loved drawing, mixing colors, and overall being creative. Early on in elementary my pieces were featured in local fairs, and museums which made me so happy and accomplished! As the years passed, I lost some of my excitement for art.

Watching everyone succeed sometimes holds you back, and makes you question your talents. I never wanted to be an artist because I knew it was a tough field to be in and you could only take that on if you really had a passion for it! So I let it go for a while, and let the other young artists succeed.

Looking back at those years, letting go was hard for me. I always wanted to be creative and find new ways to express myself. I remember I went through periods where I would dig out my acrylics and drawing pads, and let my mind go wild. It always felt very easy to jump back into it.

Fast forward to now, and you have someone who has let go of her creative side for a long time. Being away from the art world feels like I'm starting from scratch, but not quite. In the Spring of '12 (freshman year of college), I finally jumped back into my happy place. I took an Art credit which ended up being a painting class. Getting all the new paints, and canvas made me really happy and excited to get back to where I was. 

My first few paintings were good, but not the best in my opinion. My first subject was an apple that my roommate had from dinner. It was a very simple gray scale painting. Somehow, a few paintings later, I was guided to paint from Matisse paintings. Henri Matisse was a French artist famous for his expressive colorful paintings. He is the reason why I am once again interested in Art.

The recreation of his work was quite fun for me to do. I loved using and blending all these colors! To my surprise at the end of the semester my professor asked me if I wanted to give my paintings up to be hung in the library. Of course, I said yes! So that's where they are now - hanging with the other student paintings in the library. This made me feel so accomplished and it was as if I never left my love for art behind.

Now, this past semester another event has reignited my love for Art. I had to take another required elective, but it could have been from any topic, yet I chose the Art of American History. Let me just just say that I have learned so much from that class, in terms of different genres and ways of analyzing art. It has also opened by eyes to how I see the world. I see influences of art movements everywhere I go, and now have a new found love for museums and galleries. My inspiration for the paintings in the previous class also popped up in the lessons, which made me love the Fauves movement even more.

So, knowing all this about me, you can imagine how excited I was when I found this book over the weekend, and my aunt's apartment which John and I stayed at. As I looked over it, my smile got bigger and heart melting. Yep, I really wish I owned a book like this. There is so much inspiration in it!

I really hope to keep at my creative aspirations and I will definitely share any new artistic interests I have.

Are any of you interested in Art? Do you paint, draw, design, or just plain read about it? 

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