Instagram Diary: June 2013

June was a pretty awesome month from beginning to end. It was my first full month working at the internship and the whole being in different states/being separated for the first time with John has been working out (click here to read all about this). I feel like not much has been accomplished as far as my blog, but I have accomplished a lot of little things that I wanted to do.

  • We spent a lot of time by the river, and we even went kayaking on it which was so much fun!
  • Sunsets were our favorite time to relax by the river. The sound of the water hitting against the rocks was very soothing.
  • One of the weekends we ended up going to New York. I loved traveling with him, but in the end we had to be apart for two weeks.
  • Wearing bright lipstick is becoming my favorite look.
  • On one afternoon I went out with some relatives to eat crab and then to get some drinks. The place was so beautiful and different.
  • I had the chance to try a few drinks this month as the picture above shows. That day I went to this place called Havana in New Hope, PA. Being Cuban I must say it was not very Cuban. 
  • Finally on the last day of the month John turned 21! I of course, tried to spoil him any way I could. According to him he had a great time that weekend, so mission accomplished!

Other events that didn't make it on to Instagram:
  • We had the chance of going to Atlantic City and staying at Tropicana hotel & casinos. That day I had a nice beginner's luck with the slots machine and won over $200!
  • I've never wanted to drink before my 21st birthday so now that I've been legal for a while I have been enjoying trying new drinks. 
  • Last year was the year of traveling in airplane a lot and this year it's definitely a train year. I have lost track how many trains (and now buses too!) I have taken on weekends to go visit John. 

I can't believe this month was filled with so many new adventures for me. Can't say I have minded traveling because it was worth it! For a fact, I know this next month is going to be very different for sure. Hopefully I will get a lot of things I want to get done.

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