Our Weekend in NYC

A few weekends ago, John and I went to New York City. He had spent a week with me in Jersey and then after our city trip we would part ways for two weeks. We had been there together once before this year but were very rushed since it was a trip with the university to see museums. We had been planning on coming back since then.

I love traveling with him, because since we started dating we haven't stayed in the same place for too long. We arrived in the city early afternoon but decided to stay in for a bit. At night we went to a BBQ place I had been to before called Dallas BBQ. We had a really good time there! A lot of fun memories from that night. 

The next day was when we squeezed everything we wanted to do. We started off with Panera for breakfast (and I'm officially counting this as the day I fell in love with Panera) and headed toward Union Square to check out stores. Our first goal was to find the nearest Zara (our favorite store), and when we found it we realized it was closed! This is the second time this has happened to us in NYC. We eventually walked to another part of town and found another one.
Rockefeller - Empire State Building - Flatiron

 After spending most of the days in stores like Zara, Banana Republic(discovered my love for it), Kate Spade, and H&M, we headed uptown in search of Central Park (which John had not been to). However before getting there we grabbed some lunch in a new favorite for me. This weekend was definitely one of those weekends I fell in love with many places. This time it was with a little place called Pret A Manger, which translates to ready to eat in French. They have a lot fresh pieces(all made the same day) like sandwiches, salads, wraps, soups, and more. I quickly found out there are a lot of these in NYC, but not outside of it, which makes me very sad!

We finally arrived at Central Park and by this time we were exhausted. After what seemed like forever (barely made it halfway in) I had decided it was time to stop, so we sat for a while and watched people learn how to tango.
Where we stopped for a rest
Rockefeller at night - such a gorgeous shot
Radio City
We ended our night with some nice Forrest Gump moments by eating at Bubba Gump (had never been there either). Our dinner was very delicious and we had a really nice view of Times Square from our seat.

After this we were stuffed! We walked downtown to the apartment and enjoyed the night. The next morning we squeezed last minute shopping and sadly parted ways. The weekend was absolutely amazing and just what we needed. Hopefully we can come back to the city very soon.

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