My Top Apps of 2013

This year I was lucky enough to find some really nice apps. Most of the time, they were used for many aspects of my daily life. So if something definitely stood out this year I would say it was definitely this.

A lot of these apps I discovered earlier in the year, and quickly recommended them to many people. Some were not that popular when I discovered them and since then, they have even expanded to the Android market since they were so successful in the Apple App Store.

Check out my top picks!

Winter iPhone Backgrounds

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you have probably seen a lot of the nice photos I have shared. Since I usually use all these photos as my phone backgrounds, I thought it would be a good idea to start sharing some. Now anyone can have them on their phones too. I'm really excited about doing this since I know I will have a lot of nice shots for future backgrounds.

For now enjoy these season appropriate shots!

Directions: Just click on the download link, and save the image to your phone!

Winter Wonderland: download \\ Snowy Trees:download \\ Woods: download

Snow on Campus

Last week while studying for Finals, I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up. Being from Miami, any little amount of snow falling amazes me. For weeks there had been talk of snow, but  when it actually did snow it didn't last very long. This time though, it was different. I kept looking forward to this day because it looked like it had a higher chance than normal.

I woke up to a good amount of snow already scattered on the ground. I used any chance that day to go outside and walk in it. The campus looked so magical! 

Walking in the snow is so much fun for me. It can be annoying as well though. Unless you're well covered you will end up with wet hair, a wet face, and freezing limbs. But that never stops me from going out and enjoying it while it falls.

This photo above makes me laugh every time I see it because it's the first time I've taken a photo like that. I think it was about time for me to have one so here it is for the whole world to see! Haha.

Stay warm!

Instagram Diary: November 2013

Watching John's game in Yale - Yale Fall - On our way to Washington DC
Washington Monument - DC Sunset - Capitol Building
It's getting so cold - Small snow shower - Krispy Kreme at Mohegan Sun

November went by too fast! Not only is it the last month of the Fall Semester for me, but it means time is ticking away. At the beginning of the month I got the chance of going to one of John's soccer games. It happened to be in Yale so I was pretty excited since I had never been there. It was a good game since he scored(and I missed it of course.. but what counts is that I was there to support him! right?). We also planned a quick weekend trip to Washington DC which was completely not in our plans for this month. It was a nice change from being in school for past months. I got to see so many monuments and places I only saw on tv. It was pretty amazing honestly! After that, my next thing to look forward to was Thanksgiving. Well, that and snow! It finally snowed a little bit for like 30 minutes one night. Thanksgiving was amazing! Then the following day we went to Mohegan Sun casino.

This month felt like I kept looking forward to things. First it was the DC trip, then Thanksgiving and now again towards Winter Break. I'm currently in my last week of classes and Finals are next week. So after that I have lots of exiting things to do for the break. Like most people, December is one of my favorite months so I'm not that sad that November is over. I can't wait to see how everything turns out! :)

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Thanksgiving in Connecticut

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