My Top Apps of 2013

This year I was lucky enough to find some really nice apps. Most of the time, they were used for many aspects of my daily life. So if something definitely stood out this year I would say it was definitely this.

A lot of these apps I discovered earlier in the year, and quickly recommended them to many people. Some were not that popular when I discovered them and since then, they have even expanded to the Android market since they were so successful in the Apple App Store.

Check out my top picks!

VSCO cam: I discovered this a few months ago and didn't think much of it. But as I used it more the more my other editing apps seemed unnecessary. I have been recommending this one a lot lately. I also have to say that because of this app I have begun to edit my photos differently, in a good way though!
  Perks: filters, basic editing, good archiving, easy transfer

A Beautiful Mess: This one must be no surprise to most bloggers. If you like to make your photos as cute as possible then this is the app for you! I don't usually buy apps but this one is worth it, especially after the recent update. It provides you with things that you probably can't find anywhere else(at least the style of it).
  Perks: premade handwriting, doodles, create your own label, filters, collage, borders

Duolingo: The best app of this year by far! If you're reading this and you have not heard/downloaded this app, please do yourself a favor and download it. I feel like Duolingo should be paying me because of how many people I have recommended it throughout the country. Duolingo, is an app that helps you learn a language. It starts you off slow and you quickly know a lot of your favorite language. It is a great way to use your time wisely!
Perks:learn languages for free!

Codeacademy: I just recently found this app and by recently I mean, last Friday. As a Computer Science major, this app seems absolutely amazing. It teaches people that have never programmed the basics of it. Although it says it's suppose to take an hour, it only took me about 20 minutes. This means that I have gone through it and of course like my usual self , I have recommended it to people that always ask me about coding. If you're interested in learning something new I would definitely recommend checking this app out!
  Perks: learn basics of programming in a small amount of time and for free!

Kindle:This is one is not so much Educational, but it could be. I have been using it to read the Hunger Games books and I Iove it. I didn't know you could use Amazon books on your phone so I thought this was so clever at first. It's easy always bring books with you and have them available. 
  Perks: take your books with you at all time!

Jelly Splash: Everyone that knew me this past semester definitely saw me playing this game. It has the same feel as Candy Crush(who I also tried this year), but in my opinion it is more relaxed than that one. I like how you connect the jellies too unlike in the other game.
  Perks: not as many requests from Facebook unlike Candy Crush ;)

Ab/Butt/Chest/Arm Trainer: Whenever I would want to workout this year, these were my top apps to use. My favorite one is Ab Trainer. It provides you with many exercises and workouts for the target area. These workouts count with you and show you the exercise as you go. They are very handy apps to have.
  Perks: provides new workouts and exercises, keeps track of when you workout with it

Run Keeper: This app came in very handy this past Summer. I was running pretty often and I used this app to keep track of when and where I was running. It can help those who seem intimated by running as it can show them if they have improved in a certain location, time wise and distance.
  Perks: records time and distance of run, maps it out, works as a diary where you can post a photo    and write about the run

Snapchat: If you don't have Snapchat, then you're missing out. You can take photos and send them to your friends, but they can only see it for a certain amount of time. I like to use it to keep in touch with my friends. A quick shot of something funny I saw or just a photo of me. I like the new feature called My Story, which I used when I went to DC in November, which allows your friends to see photos for 24hr instead of a few seconds. I updated everyone on what I was seeing.
  Perks: allows you to share photos quickly

Songza: My best friend gets the credit for this one. She told me to download it during the Summer, and I have refused to use any other app for music since then. Unlike other apps, this works by recommending stations based on the time of day, moods, and genres. It is the best! I use it pretty much at any time of the day if I need music.
  Perks: gives you options for stations based what you're looking for.

As you can see I encountered some very fun apps! I can't wait to see what new apps I come across next year so I can share them again.

Let me know if you have tried or will try any of these apps!
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