Miami New Year's Eve

For New Year's Eve we had the pleasure of being in one of the best cities in the country. John and his best friend, Dan, accompanied me back to Miami after Christmas. We arrived just in time to ring in the new year. I knew that one of the best places to celebrate would be in Downtown Miami, in a local favorite: Bayside.

Bayside is a shopping center by downtown Miami that always attracts many people. It's a nice place to walk around on a sunny day. Live music and entertainment is usually scattered around this area. You can also take really cool tour boats of Miami and you can see celebrity homes! It's pretty much a must for any tourists as it includes all the things city is known for.

We walked around for a bit and in the middle of shopping around we got sucked into a random performance that was going through center of shopping area. At first I didn't think much of it since you would find these performers all over Miami. It included Brazilian samba dancers along with a whole band playing! It was a great atmosphere. Little did we know that these people would be the beginning of a fun night at Bayside!

Apparently this area has a tradition to celebrate the New Year with The Big Orange or La Gran Naranja, which is considered by local officials as the "Times Square of the South". Its mascot is an orange wearing sunglasses. This tradition has been going strong for the past 25 years! Unfortunately, I lived in Miami for 13 of those years and never had the pleasure of going to these celebrations or even knowing about this tradition(maybe because I was too young).

It was so fun ring in the new year with so many people there! We arrived pretty early in the night so there was not much going on aside from the performers, but by the time we went back to count down to midnight, we couldn't even move trying to find a place to sit!  

We grabbed something yummy to eat from the food court and grabbed some drinks to celebrate the night! Later we hurried back to grab a good view of the fireworks. We anxiously waited as we counted down to the projected clock on the InterContinental building.

Then when the countdown hit 00:00, the fun began! On the East, towards Miami Beach fireworks emerged, filling the sky with beautiful fireworks!

We had a lot more fun than we expected. I'm very glad we decided to go there and check out what Bayside had for the New Years Eve. I hope 2014 has been a good year so far!

Happy 2014 everyone!
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