One Year Together

A few weeks ago, John and I celebrated our one year anniversary. We decided to have dinner the day before since it was going to be on a Monday(January the 20th). Even if we had that day off we were going to be busy. I was so happy to be celebrating this special day together. Our destination for the night was: Plaza Azteca, a Mexican restaurant. We had been there before and I just loved it! Over this past year we have loved eating all types of Mexican food(well all types of food.. let's be honest here), so this is one of the many places we have gone together. What better place to celebrate our anniversary than at this place.

One of the best things about Plaza Azteca is that they make guacamole right in front of you! I was so excited to eat it as soon as we arrived. The service is pretty quick, so under 10 minutes I had the guacamole guy right in front of our table asking us what we wanted to add in it. After telling him what we wanted, he immediately went to carve out the avocado and add the ingredients. With trying all types of food, comes the desire to make them yourself, so guacamole is something we know quite well! We always judge a restaurant by its guacamole, and this place definitely has our seal of approval, mainly because even though we don't make it we pick what to add.

Our meal for the the night, was our usual: fajitas for two. This item is perfect for a couple, as the name implies, because you can share the ingredients(mostly just the meat) and the price is not bad either! It comes with chicken, beef, poor and shrimps to include in your tortilla. We decided that we wanted to replace the pork this time since I wasn't really feeling it. It was delicious regardless!

We always have such a nice time going to this restaurant. The people that work there are always really nice and food comes prepared pretty quickly.

During the night we reflected on our year together. It has been so refreshing to be with someone who is so caring and nice. Our relationship has been unlike anything I would've expected. We both respect each other and are always trying to make the other happy. Of course there have been some difficult times, but they have made us so much stronger than ever. I'm so happy we both came into each other lives!

Happy one year to us! 

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