Valentine's Day

As cheesy as this typical post-Valentine's Day photo is, our actual Valentine's Day was not as cheesy.. well sort of. It was a typical day of classes and work for a college student. However, towards the end of the day we did manage to meet and share the Friday together. I had kept saying all week that what I really wanted to do for this day was just stay in and order wings (yep, that was all) and that's what we did. 

I was surprised by a small(but overpriced) bouquet of roses, with my favorite chocolate(Kit Kats) and a adorable card! Of course, this is where I felt terrible because between the snow storm the previous day and the lack of a car(for both us), I didn't really get him anything. I was still very happy he got these small things for me! The previous year we gave each other very small gifts too(even after we both agreed not to give each other anything). Don't worry though, I will make up for my lack of gift on some other day since I don't really believe in Valentine's Day as the only day to show love. 

Overall, I felt so so happy to be sharing yet another special day with this guy. If you haven't been keeping up with my posts on social media, John does have lots of important days around this time of the year: Christmas, our anniversary, my birthday, and Valentine's Day. Yep, they're almost pretty much back to back. However, no one else can pull of making me feel special in each of those days better than him! :)

Okay enough with the cheesy love posts. I have some other different posts coming up! :)

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