Muse Paintbar | Paint and Wine Bar | West Hartford, CT

Muse Paintbar is one of the many paint bars that have popped up in the past years. Many of our friends had done these classes so we decided that during Spring Break we would check it out. If you have never heard of paint bars, then I'll fill you in. The point of these locations are that while socializing with others you get an instructional paint class. Muse has a few locations in New England and the one that we went to was in West Hartford in Blue Back Square. You pick what painting you want to do, the date, and pay your fee - easy as that! Be sure to pick your date weeks in advance, since they tend to be sold out often. They also have couple classes, which we thought of doing but they are slightly more expensive and we found out why. The couples one are two paintings instead of an individual one. You paint both paintings to match the others. 

Upon arriving there we were greeted by a sign to find our names on the canvases. We each had a one canvas, a palette of the colors we would use, 5 brushes, mixing plates, paper towels and a can to wash off our brushes. Everyone was chatting and buying snacks and drinks at the bar. They also had a side room for special reservations. The painting we had signed up was Over the Rhone by Vincent van Gogh. Obviously it wasn't an exact copy, just an interpretation of it.

The painting part of this experience was so interesting. You have an instructor who guides you step by step. He/she stands in the middle of the room and paints along with you. Everyone that works there is very kind and helpful. At times we felt a little rushed (you are painting a whole painting in 3 hours!) but we also get a break, so you can use it to catch up, or to drink some wine. ;) I also want to add that for you artists out there, you don't have to do exactly what everyone is doing. You can make the painting your own by adding your own techniques and unique approach.

Three hours later, and we were done with our masterpieces! It was so much fun to do this since we both had not painted in so long. We completely recommend this to everyone and we can't wait to go back since it was such a happy and positive experience for both of us.

What do you think of paint bars? Have you gone to one of these before, or if does it sound like something you would like to try?
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