Weekly Diary

Hey everyone! As you may have noticed, the blog posts have become less and less frequent in the past weeks. I have no real reason other than I have school stuff to do. For a while though, I have contemplated whether I should start a weekly blog post series. Many bloggers do these posts where they just talk about things that interest them in the week or any random tid bits. So I'm jumping on the bandwagon. This way you will know more about my life and I won't feel as bad for not posting as often.

This week:
+ I was busy completing a paper on Hamlet as some of you might know by following me on social media. 
+ Bought my first Brita filtered water bottle! I contemplated buying one for years and recently I decided I had enough of having multiple cups and water bottles everywhere. 
+ Have been enjoying the nice and warm weather, as well as all the little flowers popping up and the green grass growing already!! 
+ Kept checking up on the Saccone-Jolys. They finally welcomed their new baby boy, Eduardo! I kept following them on social media and annoying all my friends about it.
+ I also have been trying to figure out all the details for my work for the summer.  
+ Been practicing my French on Duolingo lots lately, and competing with John too! Oh, I also got him to watch Game of Thrones! ;)

My favorite online finds:
+ This great tip on how to check if an avocado is ready to eat.
+ So ready to start wearing shoes like these and these.

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