Weekly Diary

I can't believe it's already been a week since I decided to start this series. Time is flying and it's a little bittersweet. Although classes are coming to an end, I'm looking forward to working in the summer. At the same time, I'm mentally preparing myself for having John graduate. Yep, I don't think I have mentioned it, but he's graduating at the end of this semester. I know everything will be okay, but it's still going to be a new chapter of our relationship and who knows what it will bring. I'm full of emotions that vary from happy, excited, sad, to nervous. But I still can't help but to be so proud of him for completing college and getting a job.

This week:
+ I annoyingly was sick. I'm one of those people that will rather blame the weather or allergies before saying they are actually sick. However, I can't deny a fever. I've been trying to fight off these germs all week. Nasty little things.
+ I participated in my first Twitter party with the users of Influenster with my fellow UniVoxBox people.
+ We were surprised with an interesting amount of snow. If you're not from up here then I'll tell you now - it's not supposed to snow in April people!! It's insane that it is still snowing when the weather is supposed to be warmer. Where is the sun and the cute flowers I was talking about on my last post? :(
+ John gave me his graduation invitation! Yep, I can't pretend to not know the inevitable date anymore. Where has time gone?!
+ I made my first flan on Easter for John's family! It was absolutely delicious and I was so proud of my little Cuban side coming out when I made it. ;)

My favorite online finds:
+ I'm loving my own Party Time board on Pinterest.
+ This 7 Day Plan to Stay Productive has great ways to keep you focused.

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