John's Graduation

Us on our way to his Graduation
On Saturday, I was lucky enough to go to John's graduation. Although it was such a bittersweet moment I was very happy I was there. We both attend the same school, but he is (or should I say was) a year ahead of me in school. It was so nice to be there to watch him graduate!

Graduations are usually a time to focus on the future and reflect on what you have done to finally get to this point. It feels like yesterday that I started college and I'm already going to be a Senior this coming semester. It also feels like yesterday that I met John. I wish we both had met each other earlier in college, but I have to say that it was perfect timing when we finally did.

I'm so happy John graduated and is now starting his new job this week. It's such a relief that he can graduate and have a job secured. It has been a very stressful timing for both of us going through these  interview processes, but now it is all over. 

John at graduation.

Did ya know..?
John has a blog too, and as a special graduation present, please visit John's blog :) 

Feel free to subscribe too. He loves having a blog!

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