Junior Year is Over

Sunset on campus | Photo taken by me | @isadayana on Instagram

I figured the best way to get back into the swing of things was just to start typing away, so that's what I'm doing. I have been officially done with my junior year of college and it feels good. I'm currently trying to adjust to my Summer schedule and managing everything I want to do.

This Summer I will be staying on campus and working non-stop. Yep, so not much has changed on my neck of the woods. I have so much I want to get done in this period of time and but it's hard to get adjusted when days have been so busy. Luckily, this new work schedule has just started and I'll probably get used to being completely on my own and working. I can't wait to start on my new posts, and other blog related stuff.

As usual, you can find me on social media if I'm not blogging. In the past months I have been really into Pinterest and it has been such a relaxing thing to do when I have time. :) My best friend has also joined in the fun and we have started some group boards(Fleurs and Office) together from some that I had started.

Did ya notice the blog has a new domain name? ;) We are officially www.thebellediaries.com! How exciting! If you have visited in the past month or so, then you might have noticed it had another domain name as well. I had so many internal dilemmas with that one that I decided to bite the gun and finally make the blog official!

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