App Reviews: Threes! vs 2048

The world of apps is a very fascinating world to be involved in these days. I check the "top" apps list very regularly so I can keep up with the latest apps that are taking over the top of the these lists. If I like an app, you better believe I will share my find with others. However,  if you have had a conversation with me in the past few months then you will know exactly where I stand in terms of this whole Threes vs 2048 issue. Oh, you didn't know there was an issue, huh? Well I'll explain.

Some Background
For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past months, these two apps have taken the App Store and Google Play App Store by storm. They have been continuously popular with people and once you know about them, you'll see why.

Now the reason why I'm doing this post is because I have refused to support 2048. I bought Threes in February not long after it came out, and fell in love. Now, I rarely buy apps but reading reviews like "all my coworkers are playing", quickly convinced me to spend money on this baby. I quickly spread the word to my closest friends. Soon, I would see others playing 2048 and in a matter of seconds I was breaking their little bubble and showing them the other world that is Threes.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate 2048, but I certainly don't approve of it. Keep reading to find out what these games are all about.

Threes! ($1.99)
Threes Logo

Threes is a very creative puzzle game created by Asher Vollmer, with the help of his talented partners illustrator Greg Wohlmend and composer Jimmy Hinson. I say talented because the appearance of this game, combined with the music is one of my favorite parts of playing this application.  It was released on February 6, 2014(My birthday! Just saw this while doing research on it.) to the App Store and March to the Google Play App Store.

The game consists of moving tiles up, down or left and right, to combine similar tiles. You start with blue and red, 1 and 2 tiles respectively. You move these tiles together to create, yup.. tiles with the number three. Continue playing and you will find that combing these will grow your tiles exponentially.

This game is undoubtedly harder to play than other similar versions out there. I have spent much of my time calculating a move instead of mindlessly moving my fingers towards the corner like other games. It's a very strategic game and there are so many different components that make this unlike any other game.

Features and Tips

Aside from the visual appeal of this game, Threes has perfected some fun features to make this game unique and enjoyable. As you play you will find that you can slide slowly to see how your move will affect your tiles. The game also allows you to see what tile is coming up next so you can plan accordingly. I think these two tips are my favorite. Another tip I have for this game is since you already know what tile is coming try to pair them up as they come. Add the blue tile to the side with the red tile so you can combine them easily later. The same thing goes for white tiles although you don't know what number they will have.

Pros and Cons

  • Challenging
  • Visually pleasing game play
  • Gets updated with new ways to play
  • No "end" - you end the game when you have no moves left.
  • not free

2048 (Free)
2048 Logo
On March 9, 2014(over a month after the release of Threes), 2048 was released by an Italian web developer named Gabrielle Cirulli. According to reports, he created the game over a weekend. He says it was not a copy of Threes, but in fact a copy of a similar game that had appeared who had already copied Threes, 1024. The game quickly became popular and received over 4 million visitors in less than a week.

Like Threes, this game is all about moving tiles to combine them with others. However, they differ in terms of playing the overall game. In 2048 you start with "2" and "4" tiles. It's the same idea as Threes where you need to combine a 2 and 2 to get 4 and and then you combine that 4 with your original 4 and so on.
The biggest appeal of this game is that it's free. It is more accessible to the public since they have an online version as well.

Example screens of how 2048 looks like.

Features and Tips

Playing 2048 is pretty simple, just like with Threes, you move the tiles with their matching ones and collide them with others and so on. The one thing that stands out that Threes does not really do is have a score counter. In Threes you find your score at the end of the game, and it's always a surprise. The goal of 2048 is to reach the score "2048" with the highest combination of tiles, but you also have the option to continue playing even if you reach this goal. You also don't know what tile is coming up and only play with what you currently have. Your next move doesn't really affect you negatively really.

Pros and Cons

  • not hard to "beat" (check out this guide)
  • has web version
  • shows you your 
  • "survival" mode / practice mode
  • change appearance

  • lack of design
  • not original
Fun 2048 Themed Versions:
Like I mentioned earlier, I do not hate 2048 but I'm definitely not a fan.  In the end Threes came first and has a better game overall. Although 2048 is more popular it is clear that it is only because it's free. The creators have Threes spent long months trying to perfect their game. They tested many different concepts until they thought one was the best. You can read about their whole process including emails in their very lengthy post.

In the end, I will support Threes since:
 1) it was the one I fell in love with,
 2)people need to support paid apps too,
 3)it was the original game, and
 4) Asher and his people need the recognition for it.

I hope that reading this will give you a better understanding on why I support Threes. It is such a great app and it is unfair that the originals (of any kid) sometimes don't receive the recognition they deserve.

So tell me, what are your thoughts on either of those games? Have you played Threes or 2048? If you have which one do you prefer? I would love to discuss these games with you and hear why you prefer one from the other.
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