Bartaco Date Night

With busy work weeks for both John and I, come fun date nights on Friday nights. For the past couple of months, we have mastered this "long distance"(me in Massachusetts, him in Connecticut) thing. Although we have done farther separations, this is the beginning of a year long of distance. Even if we are just a drive away from each state, this coming school year will be another long distance scenario. My schedule during the week consists of work, gym, and "me" time. John's week consists of work, soccer, and his own little shenanigans. We have definitely grown to be very independent with our relationship, yet when the weekend comes, we enjoy every little second together.

We recently went out to one of our favorite restaurants, which to no surprise has my favorite foods. It was our 1 year and 5 months. Yeah, not even half a year, but why not? It was just a reason to go out and have some yummy food.

Our date night was located in Blueblack Square in West Hartford, at a restaurant called "bartaco". This restaurant has it all: delicious food, great atmosphere, and a bar to go with it. It is definitely one of the "hot" places for a Friday night in this area. I was craving ceviche that day, and when John reminded me of this restaurant I immediately wanted to go. Apparently I forgot that bartaco had ceviche, and boy, it is savory! The portions at this place are like those at typical Spanish restaurants  served with tapas, or small plates of food. I absolutely love this restaurant! It's probably my favorite restaurant in all of the West Hartford area.

yummy bartaco food! tacos, chips & guacamole, ceviche, sesame ribeye rice, and platanos
umm some drinks too of course! ;) they have a delicious collection of wines and cocktails.
our "too-full-to-take-a-decent-smiling-pic" pic - check out those churros though!
served with a small container of creamy chocolate to dip those warm churros in.

If you're ever in the West Hartford/Blue Back Square area (or any other Bartaco location) check them out! Lots of yummy food awaits! 

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