My First Hike

Giuffrida Park
One of the best views of the day (Giuffrida Park)
This weekend I had the pleasure of going on my first hike. Miami doesn't really have any elevated areas, unless you count 10ft hills. Seriously though, we don't really have any real hiking trails and this girl is definitely not one to look for them anyway. Things have changed though, John has been in an outdoor mood for a while now since he has always gone hiking and camping with his family. This Saturday we finally had that push we needed to get us out and about.

We were asked to go hiking with some friends to a nearby park called Giuffrida Park in Meriden, CT. I'll be honest, I tried everything to get out of it. Nothing prepared me for the whole experience, not even my constant cardio in the past weeks.

Giuffrida Park
View of the lake in Giuffrida Park.
Upon arriving, I didn't know what to expect. I didn't really know how this all worked, but I soon learned. The trails were color tagged on the trees and you follow them as you go along. We followed the blue one all the way back. 

I have to be honest, I was out of breath pretty quickly. It was a little harder than I thought. The whole way up was at an incline so you have to carefully plan your moves and at what angle you placed your feet, or you would most likely fall. It was one heck of a workout for my calves for sure.  I was having so much fun though. There were definitely times when I kept telling myself to quit being slow and pushed myself to the front of the group to get a little motivation. My favorite part of it was actually grabbing on to some rocks to get up. It felt very fitting and it made me feel strong and capable.

Giuffrida Park
Panorama from high above
Once we finally arrived at one of the many rocks that gave us a nice view of where we were, it made the whole thing worth it. I definitely appreciated every second of this experience. I'm always that one person that finds beauty in every single little part of these events since I haven't really done anything like this before. Just like the change of seasons. Every little experience is new for me.

Giuffrida Park
Us relaxing for a bit
Giuffrida Park
John and I
We spent a good part of the afternoon getting around the trail. The end was so much nicer than the way going up the trail. It was a nice scenic view of the river. It soon became dark and I was getting nervous that we might not make it back in time.  Luckily, we made it with time to spare before the sunset.

Giuffrida Park
Reaching the end of our trail
This was definitely a memory I will remember for a long time. I enjoyed it so much and I definitely want to do it again and more often. :) It will be a great Summer activity and a great way to stay active.

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