Surfer's New Board

John and his new board.
This weekend we were in Cape Cod again. Yes, I had never been there before and now I have gone two weekends in a row. I'm one lucky girl. Something tells me we'll be back a few more times this Summer though. Unlike the previous weekend it was a more relaxing time since we spent all weekend there. We had the chance to do different things and not feel rushed. Cape Cod is really growing on me, to the point where I'm not scared of the cold waters.

The main reason we decided to go back was because John was getting a new surfboard. He loves to surf, but he had not done so it a while. He passed on his board to his dad and now they both have one to go out and catch some waves together. It was so much fun watching him surf since I had never seen him (or anyone for that manner) surf. I sat with the rest of his family and cheered them on. 

Waxing it for the first time
John and his dad
Going out to catch some waves
Foggy beach
The beaches here are always covered in these nice looking (very sharp on my feet!) rocks.
A clam we found
the lovebirds. :)
It was a beautiful foggy day. The beach looked magical and was not that hot so it was nice to just sit by the water. There was also a wedding going on there, so the mood was quite nice with the families taking pictures with the bride and groom. I had never seen a beach wedding before, so I watched the whole thing unfold. 

It was also Father's Day weekend, so it was nice for John to be with his dad and bond over surfing. I'm glad I got the chance to be with them and their family.
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