Weekly Diary

Sometimes I regret not sharing more on this blog.The other night I was watching a video from the Shaytards, where Collete is sharing how she feels about their whole move back to Idaho. The day before, Shay does the same. He says how looking back at his old videos he wishes he would have said how he felt at the time of big changes in their lives. Blogging and vlogging is so much fun, but in the process of editing/cutting parts out we forget to show the true parts of lives. The parts that make us feel happy or sad. So I need to remember to do that too, and not just post my biggest memories.

I have been living with my new Summer roommates and they are awesome! Everyone is so sweet and we all get along perfectly. The building itself is so comfy. I always joke how I went from a 1 star hotel to a 5 star, since my previous living space was a pretty old one. 

My life lately has involved a lot of catching up on tv (through Netflix, ABCfamily Online, HBO GO, etc. - not actual tv since I don't own one) or YouTube Channels. Yes, I have a very exciting life. But hey, I wake up at 7am to go to work everyday, and when I finish work I go to the gym. After coming home and making dinner, it is usually 6-7pm and by this point I just want to lay down and have some "me" time. I sense this is how my everyday life will be in the future when I have a real job. Not to mention, adding traffic on that whole situation. Yikes, let's not talk about that.

In other news I lost my precious memory card for my camera. So, of course I can't take photos with my Nikon, which really upsets me. Both weekends that I have gone to Cape Cod I have wanted to take photos with a nice camera, but haven't been able to. :( Hopefully it turns up. I've had it since 2010 when I got my camera. I'm determined to find it though!

All in all, this Summer has been work, gym, dinner, video/shows, then repeat and some fun on the weekends. Not very exciting for others, but it makes me very happy. :) This is my relaxing time of the year, where I can just do whatever I want. I also want to work on some blog stuff, but unless I make myself do it, I don't see them happening. Hopefully next time I do one of these posts my mindset has changed, and my SD card has been found(*crosses fingers*)!

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