Arsenal in NYC + VLOG!

Happy Monday everyone! The day finally came. We waited months for this weekend. It was the only real plan we had made months in advance to do. If you didn't know, John's favorite team from the Premier League is Arsenal. When we started dating I definitely didn't know much of football, especially European teams. I was never against watching games early every morning, or updating him on scores. That's what how I am. I always like to be involved with sports that my partner enjoys. Little did I know though, I was becoming an Arsenal fan. 

I started YouTube!

Earlier this week I announced on my Facebook page that I started YouTube. After months of going back and forth about the idea, and secretly uploading daily vlogs, I can finally say that I'm all in. I just uploaded my first public YouTube video and I'm so excited! I can't wait to keep learning how to edit and have fun with videos. Like I said on the post, I have been doing daily vlogs on YouTube, uploading them, but kept them private. By doing this I let myself learn my way around editing and uploading. It takes a lot more than people think to make good videos. This will be another way for me to post content on here. Sometimes I feel that a video would have been better than tons of photos, so that's what I will using it for. Maybe in the future, I'll venture off a little, but for now this is what's comfortable for me.

NYC Fourth of July (Part 4) - The Lion King on Broadway

First off, let me say that this Broadway show is probably one of the most advertised shows in all of NYC right now. From the second we got off the train there was a massive advertisement on the steps to leave Penn Station. It's like they were saying, "Oh, you're in New York? Have nothing to do in this busy city? Go watch the Lion King on Broadway!". Well, let me tell you that advetisement works.

NYC Fourth of July (Part 3) - Macy's Fireworks

We continued our long Fourth of July day by trying to catch the famous "Macys fireworks". I had never seen them (not even on tv), so I wasn't sure what they looked like or what was the best place to see them. However, we knew were closed enough in Little Italy to walk to the East Side towards the river. After a while it became a little clear in what direction to go to as a mass of people proceed to walk towards a highway. We figured we should follow one of the groups, and we were so glad we did.

NYC Fourth of July (Part 2) - Little Italy

After leaving the museum we wanted to grab some yummy food. My friend Eric recommend we checked out Little Italy since he loves anything Italian. I had never been there, nor had I had food from there so I was completely opened to this idea. When we got out of the subway we realized we were in another famous neighborgood - Chinatown. Although we didn't stay there for long, it gave me an idea of what it was like since I also had never been there either.

NYC Fourth of July (Part 1) - American Museum of Natural History

Just wanted to say that I am alive. Even though you don't see any new posts, it doesn't mean I'm not writing them. I seem to have a thing for accumulating tons of blog drafts. So I guess I should stop slackin' and get to them soon. No promises though. ;)

If you lived in the United States, or well if you follow social media, you would know that it was the 4th of July this weekend, aka 'Merica's birthday, and what better way to celebrate it than in New York City. If you have kept up over the years, you will know that I am no stranger to NYC. I have gone quite a few times in the past years, heck last Summer I went way too many times -- but no one is complaining. 

Cotton Hollow

Cotton Hollow Nature Preserve
 Happy first day of July everyone - also known as we're halfway done with the year. It wasn't until yesterday that I realized this. Yesterday, happened to be John's birthday as well. Since I wanted to be with him on that day, I took the day off. I didn't plan on taking the day off, but the more I thought about it, the better the idea sounded. It's not like I'm planning on taking any other days Summer, so it just made sense.

We found any reason we could to celebrate his birthday this weekend. On Sunday, we went on another Summer adventure to a place called Cotton Hollow. It was technically another hike trail but it had a brook going right along it. Since I don't know how to swim I didn't partake in the jumping off the rocks, which honestly.. I'm okay with that. Some of these rocks were very high and the water wasn't too shallow either. However, it was so much fun to go there and splash around the streams. All these activities have been really fun! It's incredible how many little places like this exist all around the world and people find ways to make them a new playground. I had never been to a place like this before where you could jump from rocks or get pushed around by the current. What a fun time we had!

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