Arsenal in NYC + VLOG!

Happy Monday everyone! The day finally came. We waited months for this weekend. It was the only real plan we had made months in advance to do. If you didn't know, John's favorite team from the Premier League is Arsenal. When we started dating I definitely didn't know much of football, especially European teams. I was never against watching games early every morning, or updating him on scores. That's what how I am. I always like to be involved with sports that my partner enjoys. Little did I know though, I was becoming an Arsenal fan. 

Then came the beginning of this year, when he found out that they were coming to the US to play against the New York Red Bulls. The team had not been in the US since 1989 when they played Independiente from Argentina in Miami(yup, just Googled that to get my facts right haha), so this was a special game. Not only that, but John had obviously not seen them play anywhere else but in their stadium in London so he was pretty excited to see them here. The drive for us is about 2 hours, so this was a no-brainer. We managed to get some tickets, which I properly offered as birthday/Christmas present for John.

Leading up to this weekend, we prepared for our big day. John bought the new 14/15 jersey, and me? Well, I painted my nails(post about that later). ;) The days/hours leading up to the big day felt so exciting. With every Arsenal social media account posting about the team being in town, it got us pumped! 

Finally, on Saturday we headed to the game. But first, we stopped by Hoboken to meet with a friend John made while in London, who was going to the game as well. We had some drinks and toured Hoboken by ourselves. Of course, we couldn't let this opportunity pass without visiting the famous Carlo's Bakery. We didn't go inside since the line was another block long, and we had to get to the game. But it was still pretty cool!

The rest? Well, I put another video on my YouTube channel - this time a little longer. It includes our trip around Hoboken and our journey getting to the stadium, which you will notice got a tad wet. I hope you guys enjoy this video. I had such a fun time! This was my first official sports game, so I had a giant smile the whole time. 

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