I started YouTube!

Earlier this week I announced on my Facebook page that I started YouTube. After months of going back and forth about the idea, and secretly uploading daily vlogs, I can finally say that I'm all in. I just uploaded my first public YouTube video and I'm so excited! I can't wait to keep learning how to edit and have fun with videos. Like I said on the post, I have been doing daily vlogs on YouTube, uploading them, but kept them private. By doing this I let myself learn my way around editing and uploading. It takes a lot more than people think to make good videos. This will be another way for me to post content on here. Sometimes I feel that a video would have been better than tons of photos, so that's what I will using it for. Maybe in the future, I'll venture off a little, but for now this is what's comfortable for me.

I hope you guys join me in this new adventure for me. I'm really happy I started this since I had gone back and forth for a while about this. Now that it's finally here, I can't wait to keep doing this. :)

My first "vlog" is from this weekend when I went to Cape Cod. I figured you guys had seen plenty of photos of this beach so a video would have been better this time around. Enjoy!

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