NYC Fourth of July (Part 1) - American Museum of Natural History

Just wanted to say that I am alive. Even though you don't see any new posts, it doesn't mean I'm not writing them. I seem to have a thing for accumulating tons of blog drafts. So I guess I should stop slackin' and get to them soon. No promises though. ;)

If you lived in the United States, or well if you follow social media, you would know that it was the 4th of July this weekend, aka 'Merica's birthday, and what better way to celebrate it than in New York City. If you have kept up over the years, you will know that I am no stranger to NYC. I have gone quite a few times in the past years, heck last Summer I went way too many times -- but no one is complaining. 

This weekend was supposed to be a "reunion" of sorts for my close group of friends, but thanks to a certain hurricane - ahem Arthur - that plan went out the window. Although all three of my friends were all on board to come to NYC to meet John and I, for a fun weekend, the weather had other plans for us. To make a very long story short, they didn't come. Well, one of them did, but that was because he was in the state already and not Florida.

John and I had an interesting experience getting to NYC in the first place too. It involved getting completely soaked in a train station by this so called hurricane - but that's another story.

For Fourth of July, we ended up going to the American Museum of Natural History. Why? Well, because it poured all day. I'm not complaining. Even though this was not at the top of my list of things for the weekend, it ended up being a lot of fun. Like everything we did this weekend, it was planned on the spot which made everything more exciting. 

Also, fun fact: this museum is probably most known recently for its appearances in the movies Night at the Museum!

African Mammals
This very real-life exhibition was so interesting to look at it. You can see in the photos that each of these is a display behind a glass, but it looks so realistic. The backgrounds were beautifully detailed to show the natural habitats of each animal. The best part of this was the small details they hid in the displays.

Cosmic Exhibition
Probably the most interesting exhibition, this cosmic information deck was filled with interesting facts. As you go around it, it uses the big round sphere in the middle to compare sizes for different items. It really puts things in perspective and I enjoyed finding out how big things are compared to microscopic particles.

Dinosaur Exhibition 
The dinosaur exhibits are always a must to see. Their incredible sizes are just so great to look at. The rooms were filled with information about them and their ancestors. We happened to pass by an informational video presentation that was narrated by Meryl Streep which explained how different animals came to be. How different mammal and reptiles developed parts of their bodies, and in turn creating other unique amimals. This was another exhibit that really put things in perspective in terms of how we were created. I definitely recommend it. 

In the end, it was an excellent idea to go to the museum. I definitely recommend it! By the time we left (when it closed) the rain had stopped, and it was the perfect time to head over to catch some dinner and fireworks for the Fourth of July. I'll be posting those photos and more in the other parts of this weekend so I don't overhaul my blog with tons of photos.

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