NYC Fourth of July (Part 4) - The Lion King on Broadway

First off, let me say that this Broadway show is probably one of the most advertised shows in all of NYC right now. From the second we got off the train there was a massive advertisement on the steps to leave Penn Station. It's like they were saying, "Oh, you're in New York? Have nothing to do in this busy city? Go watch the Lion King on Broadway!". Well, let me tell you that advetisement works.

The idea of going to see this show slowly popped into our heads after a lot of this advertisement was engraved in our heads. Both John and Eric are big Lion King fans, so they kept mentioning how much fun it would be to see the Broadway show. Well, as we played with the idea in our heads and some of us secretly checked out tickets for it, we decided on the day of, to go for it and watch it!

The 8:00pm show was sold out so we managed to get 3 tickets together for the 2pm show! How lucky of us! It was a very spontaneous decision for sure. Neither of us had gone to a Broadway show so we felt like little kids, especially because it was the Lion King. 
We headed to Time Square before the show, since Minskoff Theatre is right there, and shopped for a bit. Since we had extra time we headed early to get in line. Boy, was that a good idea! There were probably 10 people in front of us in our line(there were 3 lines). But in maybe, 10 more minutes the lines were reaching out to the street. It was crazy!

Once they let us in, we were in Lion King heaven. Everything was gold and red. Very Lion King. Since this was our first show we didn't know that each show had their own theatre, so the idea that this whole place was desgined around the Lion King was pretty cool! 

We were the first ones in our door to go into the actual theatre, so the guys got some drinks(ahem- alcoholic Lion King inspired drinks.. yes, those exist hahaha) and we waited to be let in. Once inside, we realized we had pretty good seats. After a small discussion with some girls who wanted to sit together, we somehow made it even closer to the stage. 

The show itself was beautiful. I personally don't like to watch the trailers of movies, and especially not of a Broadway show, so I was completely surprised when I saw it. We were all fascinated with how they made each scene come to life. From the opening of the floors to expose mountains, or how the little deers galloped away by a person moving their arms, to the colorful costumes and masks - I mean, it was so creative! 

Since I couldn't take photos of the actual show, here is a video from the Disney on Broadway's YouTube channel. :) 

This show was something I would highly encourage watching. I mean, who doesn't love The Lion King? We all grew up watching it so it was even more special for this show to be our first Broadway show, and we now have all these great memories of the show. Best first Broadway show experience!

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