Dunes Beach, Rhode Island

So where were we the day Germany won the World Cup? In the gorgeous state of Rhode Island, of course. Since I moved to New England, Rhode Island was one of those states I knew I had to visit. It is the smallest state in the United States, and it is well known for it's beaches. With one of my roommates being from there, I have heard plenty of this beautiful state and was so happy when I found out we were going to be going there. Too bad it interfered with the World Cup finals.

We went to Dunes Beach in particular since the guys were planning on surfing. However, the weather had other plans. It wasn't a very surf-friendly day, or paddle board for that manner. So instead we just enjoyed the day at this lovely little beach. 

isn't this cool? one of john's family friends made this!
This whole town was adorable. We ended up getting some yummy lobster rolls across the street. Perfect end to the day - with Germany winning and all. ;)
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