Summer 2014 in Review

It's the end of Summer 2014, you guys. Which means my senior year of college is going to start! Although I say that, it hasn't hit me yet. It's so weird that this will be my last year of undergrad. Coming to college has been such a rewarding opportunity, but I know life after college will be just as good.

This summer has probably been one of the most active summers I have ever had. Although I worked countless hours Monday through Friday, every weekend was filled with fun activities. Lots of "firsts" were checked off, and lots of memories were made! I wanted to do a post recapping my Summer in case you're new, haven't seen some, or just want to see some pretty photos. Enjoy!


John's Graduation                       My First Hike


 My First Trip to Cape Cod       Surfer's New Board    



 Bartaco Date Night                Cotton Hollow                


 American Museum of Natural History                 Little Italy                                  


4th of July Fireworks!                   Lion King Broadway


Arsenal in NYC


      I started YouTube!                  Dunes Beach, Rhode Island


  • SONG: Pura Vida by Don Omar, Bailando by Enrique Iglesias
  • MOVIE: Planet of the Apes, The Other Woman
  • SHOWS: Chasing Life, Pretty Little Liars
  • YOUTUBE: Shaytards, SacconeJolys, MirandaSings

I hope it was fun to see my Summer all in one post. This was the first time I have shared so much of my life in this blog. There was at least one post every week, which I'm so proud of for keeping to a good schedule. It's hard to remember to record your life when you're living it, so the fact that I managed to get so much also makes me happy. Obviously there were many more things I did, but this is just a glimpse of what I did. I'm really glad I did it since I can look back later and see a lot of the things I did. I'm very glad you guys like hearing about my life and love all the photos!

Check out my YouTube channel for more Summer fun!

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