A German Thanksgiving

This year was my third Thanksgiving with John's family. Holidays with his family are always a big deal since his immediate family is very close. This year, a few family members were absent and therefore we knew it was going to be a different Thanksgiving.

Kerastase Resistance Therapiste | Influenster Review

Today. I'm sharing once again, some products that I so kindly received from Influenster to try out from Kerastase Paris. Although, I have already talked about it on a video on my channel, I wanted to come on here and share the rest of things I forgot to say. 

Popsugar Must Have Box

With subscription services catching fire these days, it's hard for certain boxes to stand out. However, in the past year or so, one had stood out to me. The Popsugar Must Have box is a $40/month subscription service that I have been drooling over. Every time I would see a photo or video on it I was so jealous!

So what makes this box be worth $40/month you ask? Well, it's the high quality items you are receiving. You get about 6 items in each box and they are usually full size items. That, was definitely the part that kept me wanting to try this. With subscription services like ipsy or Birchbox (which I've tried for years), you get samples of items and sometimes they are not the best items -- either they are not great quality or they are way too pricey. With the Popsugar box, you get full size items and you lose the hastle of being in that in-between of cheap/pricey items. I guarantee you that your first box will be a hit!

So far, I've tried this service for 3 months now, and will be an ongoing customer for a while. I have been very pleased with the items and have found myself using the items everyday. I had not done unboxing for subscription services on my YouTube channel in a while, but I knew it was that time to share this with you.

I've uploaded a video of my September box which includes products from Too Faced, BrioGeo, to Hudson&Bleecker. Check out and let'd chat about subscription services! I love finding new ones to try, so definitely let me know of any news I'm missing out on. :)

YSL Touche Eclat Influenster Unboxing

When I received the email from Influenster saying I was going to be sent some goodies to try out from Yves Saint Laurent, I was so excited! I'm such a big fan of this brand but don't really get the chance to try out their products. I'm not one to splurge on big brands for makeup, when I can get others for half that price.  However, with the right products I would make an exception. ;)

My Weekend: Shopping + Filming (video)

My weekends usually consist of the same things more or less. This is the time where I can do anything I want without having to sleep early for it, or worry about the next day. On Saturdays we like to sleep in normally and enjoy a yummy breakfast together while hanging out with Wilson. Then end up doing a lot of different things around the house, and later run errands. This particular weekend we had to go to the mall so John could use up a giftcard I gave him for his birthday.

I have been enjoying doing little vlogs so here is the one from this past weekend. :)

They won't always be from the weekend, but I figured it would be nice to show you a typical weekend with us.

The Parrot and Bird Emporium

Welcome to the Parrot and Bird Emporium! Since last year I had the intention to introduce my blog to one of my favorite places to go on the weekends. Since I mentioned how I wanted to share more of my life on here, what better way than to show you this place.

If you follow me on Instagram for a while you have probably seen photos of birds here and there. No, these are not my birds(I wish!), but instead they come from this place. The Parrot and Bird Emporium is a pet store in Feeding Hills, Massachussets that is unlike any other pet store I've ever been to. They specialize in birds - exotic birds to be exact. 

Update + New Blog Vlogs

So, this past week was so awesome for me! I finally decided to come out of hiding and upload onto social media. I have so much to say but I don't want to overwhelm everyone with my thoughts, so I decided it would be good to switch between my Youtube channel and this blog, plus all my other social medias.

Welcoming Spring & Survey Results

I'm taking advantage of having a nice photo of this weekend's walk to post on here (just finding any excuse to come back really). The weather has been absolutely beautiful here! This winter was definitely a long one for us, but it seems like the last bits of snow are almost gone at this point.

As for me, I have 3 weeks left of my undergrad, so you can say I'm pretty excited. I'm also really excited for this Summer for many reasons. I want to really focus on my blog and YouTube a lot more once school is done. It hasn't been impossible to manage them throughout the years, but school has definitely been a priority. This Summer will definitely be a very memorable one because of all these different changes going in my life, and I can't wait to share it all with you all. :)

I also wanted to talk about a certain survey I posted a few months ago. You were all very positive about the blog which makes me happy considering I don't post as often as I should. I got a lot of good feedback about the blog and YouTube. All this information will really help me out figure out what to focus on here while still posting about my own interests.

Survey results:
*  100% of those who did the survey were female
*  19-23 was the most popular age group
*  Favorite categories: life & college
*  Majority follows me on YouTube and Instagram
*  You were all happy about my channel!
*  Visiting the site or checking Facebook were the go-to ways of checking for new posts
*  Most wanted posts for my blog: DIYs (can't promise too much there haha)
*  Most wanted YouTube video: vlogs!

See? Those are some awesome results. I was very pleased when I remembered about this survey, and had to share what you all thought. This will definitely help me guide my blog and channel in the right direction. I can't wait!

I hope you all have been enjoying the sunshine wherever you are. I think we are all ready for Spring to come with all its glory.

January Favorites

After the first month of the year is officially over, all the "favorites" videos begin to pop up on YouTube. I for one, haven't done one of these videos since October. Can you believe that? But I'm going to try to bring these back on my channel. I love sharing my favorite items and knowing what everyone else likes. 

This month I talk about some products that I have been liking since my last favorites video. A lot of the items I bought in the month of December and some are from my Tarte advent box. I really like that box (I will be talking about that in another post) and now I have lots of Tarte goodies to incorporate into my daily routine. 

Let me know what you all think of the video! I keep playing around with my channel so any feedback will be very welcomed. :)

Happy 2015!

Holy cow guys, it's 2015. No, seriously. This is the year I have looked forward to for the last 4 years. The one that has been written on t-shirts, hats, pants, etc for my graduating class. It is crazy that it's finally here. As of now, I am cramming credits left and right in order to graduate this May. I was taking two online classes this Winter break and now I'm taking a good amount of credits as well to hurry this process up.

I'm completely aware it has been a couple of months since I've posted on here. I knew it was going to happen, and obviously I wasn't prepared for it. To be honest, I have been living in a little place called YouTube, but you guys are probably not surprised. That is where all my mental energy has been, when it comes to my online world. I also had my second to last semester to worry about too. So, if you are wondering anything about my life then check my YouTube channel out as I have vlogged(yay for Vlogmas!) a good chunk of my last 3 months.

I just wanted to pop on here and say hi. Hopefully I will be back in the next few days! :)

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