The Parrot and Bird Emporium

Welcome to the Parrot and Bird Emporium! Since last year I had the intention to introduce my blog to one of my favorite places to go on the weekends. Since I mentioned how I wanted to share more of my life on here, what better way than to show you this place.

If you follow me on Instagram for a while you have probably seen photos of birds here and there. No, these are not my birds(I wish!), but instead they come from this place. The Parrot and Bird Emporium is a pet store in Feeding Hills, Massachussets that is unlike any other pet store I've ever been to. They specialize in birds - exotic birds to be exact. 

Update + New Blog Vlogs

So, this past week was so awesome for me! I finally decided to come out of hiding and upload onto social media. I have so much to say but I don't want to overwhelm everyone with my thoughts, so I decided it would be good to switch between my Youtube channel and this blog, plus all my other social medias.

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