Update + New Blog Vlogs

So, this past week was so awesome for me! I finally decided to come out of hiding and upload onto social media. I have so much to say but I don't want to overwhelm everyone with my thoughts, so I decided it would be good to switch between my Youtube channel and this blog, plus all my other social medias.


In case you missed my new video last week, I shared a glimpse of my life in the past couple of months. As much as I love having so many new things in my life, I wish I could be amazing at multitasking and share all of those on here as well. But anyway, I did my best to share all the juicy updates on that video. :) I didn't want to make a whole blog repeating what I said on that video. So for those of you who are not subscribed to my channel, here is that video:

Make sure to stay 'til the end for some sneak peeks of new videos! Speaking of new video, this past week I uploaded one of those sneak peek videos. Hint: click here. ;)


This past weekend we had some little adventures and I really wanted to share it on here. I had an amazing idea (that I have never seen done before - correct me if I'm wrong!) to reward my awesome faithful blog readers from over the years. Since I feel so willing to share so much with everyone, I'm going to try to share a little more than usual on here. One of my favorite things to do on my channel is vlog and I want to incorporate that with my blog, so I have decided that the blog will now have "unlisted" videos from my Youtube channel. What does this mean? Well, to start off, unlisted videos mean that I will be uploading videos that only the people with the link will be able to see it a.k.a - you, my blog readers.

When uploading anything to my channel as "public", I feel the need to make it perfect and put a lot of time into it. Sometimes I just want to share some clips of my day without having the pressure of making it fit my channel's "theme". This is where these new videos come in. These videos will still (hopefully) be good quality, and have my typical way of vlogging but without all that other stressful perfectionism that comes with Youtube. I really think this will be very fun and enjoyable for me, and hopefully for you.

These videos will only be uploaded when I have something to share. I'm predicting they will probably go up after the weekend or if I did something fun that I wanted to share in small clips. If it's an exciting long day that should be shared with many people then it will most likely go up as Public.

I can't wait to start this fun new part of my blog and I think this is exactly what I've been wanting for a while. I have so many videos that I wanted to upload but never really thought they were worthy to go up on my channel. I hope you're as excited about this as I am!
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