Popsugar Must Have Box

With subscription services catching fire these days, it's hard for certain boxes to stand out. However, in the past year or so, one had stood out to me. The Popsugar Must Have box is a $40/month subscription service that I have been drooling over. Every time I would see a photo or video on it I was so jealous!

So what makes this box be worth $40/month you ask? Well, it's the high quality items you are receiving. You get about 6 items in each box and they are usually full size items. That, was definitely the part that kept me wanting to try this. With subscription services like ipsy or Birchbox (which I've tried for years), you get samples of items and sometimes they are not the best items -- either they are not great quality or they are way too pricey. With the Popsugar box, you get full size items and you lose the hastle of being in that in-between of cheap/pricey items. I guarantee you that your first box will be a hit!

So far, I've tried this service for 3 months now, and will be an ongoing customer for a while. I have been very pleased with the items and have found myself using the items everyday. I had not done unboxing for subscription services on my YouTube channel in a while, but I knew it was that time to share this with you.

I've uploaded a video of my September box which includes products from Too Faced, BrioGeo, to Hudson&Bleecker. Check out and let'd chat about subscription services! I love finding new ones to try, so definitely let me know of any news I'm missing out on. :)

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