London - Day 1 | Summer Europe Trip

This blog post has been long overdue. Seven months overdue to be exact, but it's finally here. As you may know from some social media posts from my past (and if you follow John on his channel or Instagram) posts, you may have known we went on a 2 week vacation to Europe. This trip was planned by us for a while, but not as you may think. We both had talked about the idea of me going to Europe, in fact I was meant to go, back in 2013 when he first went while dating me, and then again the following year. However, the timing was always wrong. Fast forward a couple of years, and the timing could not have been more perfect. John and I decided that right after I graduated (and before I started my new big girl job), we had to make this trip work.

I wish I would have been blogging more this year, so I could have expressed how utterly excited I was. We agreed that John was going to plan this trip and he took this responsibility very seriously, and never cracked when I would ask where we were going. He kept his mouth completely shut up until customs gave him the third degree in London.

Our flight was very enjoyable. It was the first time I had been in a plane for this long (my longest flight was from Miami to Las Vegas). I tried to enjoy the inflight entertainment as much as possible, but was recommended to sleep as much as possible to prepare for the long, long day waiting for me at my next location when jet lag would kick in.

We arrived in London around morning time. After getting interrogated in customs John had to spill the beans about our first and second destination, unfortunately(thanks, customs!). After leaving, I had my first encounter with British public transportation since we took a metro from the airport to our Airbnb location. After finding our humble abode whilst in London, and meeting our friendly Airbnb host, we headed back to the metro and into Central London!

John of course, had planned my first sightseeing very carefully and when I left the underground metro station to venture out into the city, I was overwhelmed by a towering Big Ben. The big famous clock officially welcomed me to London and from there, all the sightseeing began.

We made our way through the city and into Herman ze German's for a quick lunch. John and his family always mentioned this place, so I had to try it for myself! After that we ventured around the beautiful and old London streets into Picadilly Circus and then finally Carnaby Street. We also found a Nespresso store we had to stop by, since members got a free cup of espresso, and after our long 24 hours we needed all the caffeine we could get! 

Carnaby Street was really pretty but one thing my vlogs won't tell you is that this whole day had me all destroyed. Wilson had hurt my foot with his leash and burnt the skin off. From all the running around, my recent wound was getting worse, and worse. Not only that, but my feet were starting to feel the beginning of a very tiring trip (more about that on other days).

Since we're being honest, we settled for some oh-so-foreign Chipotle for dinner. We couldn't find the restaurant John wanted to go to, so that was the best our tired little heads could decide on. Our day ended with us heading back to the London Eye area so John could get some timelapse videos of the big ol' wheel. 

My first day was so eventful, even with all the things I left out, we had quite a long day. John really did a good job showing me around his old home abroad. He did a wonderful job at packing as much as possible in these two weeks and without feeling rushed.

I really hope you enjoy this time with me in Europe. If you haven't already seen it, I have uploaded a full vlog already over at my Youtube channel, where you can peak at the other days in London.


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