January 2016 Reflection

There's nothing like finishing the first of the month of the new year, to really make you think of your goals. This past month I really wanted to accomplish a lot and didn't quite get there, to be honest. I decided to bring back beauty videos to my YouTube channel since December has me usually very busy with Vlogmas that I barely have any energy left for anything else.

I have some big goals for this year, starting with my channel. I've noticed that people really like videos when I put a little more effort into them. They liked my vlogs, and they like my makeup looks that I wear. This tells me that I need to do more of these and find a good balance of both.

Also, my blog needs some MAJOR love! This is my little space and I really wanna chat on here a lot more than I did this last year. I had a whole NINE post on here which is my 2nd lowest amount for a year ever! Gah, I know I stretch my time a lot between working all day and then keeping up with all these other social medias after that, but it really gets to me when I abandon one of my favorite things online.

In other news, my January Favorites is up! I'm really trying to be more lenient about my spending habits for makeup items. In the past I have tried to control it a bit, but I miss out on so many limited edition goodies. So with my favorites videos this year, I'm really hoping I can really gather some nice items each month to share! For example, the new Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara was sent to me recently to try by Influenster and I have been really liking it. I also bought an outrageous night oil that has to be the most expensive item I have ever bought from Sephora. I talk all about it on my video as well as some nice fashion items!

If you read this then I'll have you know that this post was completely unplanned, and sometimes that's exactly what I need. No schedule, no planning, just some word vomit! lol

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