Paris, France

This post that you're about to read is from our 2015 Europe Trip, which I'm completely late on. I originally wanted to do voice overs for these videos since these "vlogs" were not very chatty. However, because of the way these videos were recorded, I decided that just adding music would be fine, and instead I would use my blog to expand on each of the days. :)


After taking the fast-speed train from London to Paris, we arrived just as we would to any other location. I got off the train and was taking in everything I saw. The train station was just as I had expected from the many YouTube video of the European vloggers. We got out of the train section and then came the time to immerse into the local transport. John, however, didn't seem too in a hurry which I didn't question at all. As I was looking at maps and he was checking his phone, we were surprised by our friend Nans. We met Nans in college. He and his roommate Julien were studying abroad the year John and I first met. The four of us were pretty close that year.

I was so excited and surprised to see Nans. John had obviously been keeping this a secret. We went to leave our stuff at our AirBnB and then we headed out to explore! We stayed really close to the Arc de Triomphe, so before we left our stuff that was the first thing I saw after coming out of the metro. We walked down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and was taken to a "famous bakery". After we got there, I realized I was very familiar with this location. It was none other than Ladurée. I really wanted to get the macarons but decided not to be a typical tourist, and went for a more "Isa" baked good - a pistachio croissant. It was the best and I should have bought more than one during our stay.

We walked along the Seine River and headed towards the Jardin de Tuileries which headed in the area where The Louvre was located. So far the Eiffel Tower stood from everywhere I looked, so I was really happy that it was so obvious already. No wonder so many photos include it!

After chatting for a bit, our friend Nans had to go and he said he was not going to be around anymore during our trip. We said our goodbyes, and John and I headed to the nearest Starbucks for a little restroom and wifi break. Then we walked towards the famous Pont de Arts, or that bridge that has the locks.

Spring Days

Everyday we're alive, we're changing and growing. The thoughts and feelings we had a day, a month, or even a year ago aren't the same. 

Spring is not my favorite season. I like it, the few weeks with it have been just okay. The beautiful flowers, smells, and sunny days that come with it are fine, but I've always said that I'm more of a cold weather person. With that being said, I was reflecting on last year, and how my blog and channel hurt a bit during this time of the year and was wondering why. Unlike the summer before last, I was not as excited for Spring/Summer and couldn't wait for Fall/Winter. This year, I'm starting to feel the same.

This isn't a gloomy post, I promise. The photo above was taken a chilly Spring day on my way out of work in Hartford. True to myself, I noticed these colors - the flowers - and had to take a photo of the beauty I saw. All these conflicting scenarios are what make me wonder and question my feelings mentioned above.

Unlike last year, I want to continue to push myself to enjoy these seasons that everyone seems to love, and I seem to not be fond of. To be honest, I haven't felt very motivated to film or do anything. This blog though, has called my name and I listen to my instincts. I want to give this blog some love in whatever way I find that speaks to me. It always changes with me, and it always allows me to speak my mind.

So, I just wanted to share this lovely photo I took this past week and share my thoughts on Spring lately. Oh, and I hope you have enjoyed the new look around here. :)
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