Cape Cod Lighthouse

We all know that once August comes around, that Summer is almost officially over. I decided early this season that I wanted to try to get as many Summer activities in as possible. I've been pretty happy with what we have accomplished (I'll post a recap post later on), but now we know that our weekends are running out of warm, sunny days.

After two years, we decided to head back to the Cape. In those two years a lot has changed, so we knew we wanted to try some new things. We hit our usual spots, but then headed to explore some new parts of the island. Neither John or I had been much past the area where his family has their house, so we decided to be adventurous and explore it.

Provincetown was a no-brainer. I looked online for some nearby lighthouses (which the
Cape is full of!) and picked a few that were on the way. We saw a sign for the Cape Cod Light, also known as Highland Light, and although it was not on our list, we quickly made a turn and found ourselves exploring a new lighthouse. It was a pretty area, which was surrounded by a golf course. We took in the view for a bit and learned a bit about the lighthouse. It was commissioned by President Washington in 1797. In 1996, it was actually moved farther inland because of the erosion on the beach. It was quite interesting.

I haven't seen too many lighthouses at the Cape, but this one will probably be one of my favorites for sure. For more about our visit to the Cape Cod Lighthouse, click to watch the vlog I did from this day.

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