I miss blogging the most when I have so many beautiful photos to share. Fall has to be the one of my favorite seasons for taking photos. Since it's beauty is with us as fast as it graces us, I always try to take lots of photos, but then looking back, it feels like I didn't really take full advantage.

As a non-native New Englander, I am absolutely in love and fascinated by the change of seasons. This blog might as well be called "The Change of Seasons with Isabel Velazquez", since that's pretty much all it really is. Living in Miami for pretty much all of my childhood, I realized that Miami pretty much has two seasons: Spring and Summer. If you're from Miami, and you're saying "but Isabel, it gets cold, so we must have Winter". No, my friend, it pretty much is Spring.  But looking back, everyone there does their best to make every season feel like a new one, but not much changes under around us.

So naturally, I embrace the change of seasons up here more than the average person. I love changing my color schemes, clothes, nails, shoes, Instagram theme, foods, shows, music and well pretty much every aspect of my life. The little things truly make me happy, and having everything around me smell like that season brings such a joy. I can't tell you how much I look forward to the day where i have my own place, and will change it where I can to fit the season.

So anyway, just wanted share some bright and colorful photos from the beauty surrounding me these days. Oh, and if your backyard looks like this, appreciate it because there are plenty of other people that would love to be in your shoes.
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