The Story of Lucas

Last week we took a quick trip to Miami to meet the newest member of our group: Lucas. He is the beautiful little boy of my best friend Monica. We had seen each other in the months leading up to the birth, but I knew I had to come back again no matter what to meet him after he was born! Before I get to talking about that, let's catch up a little.

The Baby Shower

Back in November, I visited Monica for her baby shower. It was right after our Norway trip, but I made it happen. After all, when your friends need you, nothing should matter. I was so excited to see her, since I had not seen her pregnant in person, only via FaceTime. John met me for the baby shower, but I arrived a few days early to have some days with her. I haven't had pregnant friends before, but let me tell you, I was very protective everywhere I went!

I did my best to help for the shower, but everything was pretty much done by the time I arrived. However, I played a crucial role at the shower: photographer.  The shower's theme was woodland, so it was really beautiful.

Before I left Miami though, we snuck in an impromptu maternity photoshoot for her. I played the photographer role again, and boy did I make a busy park with not so great weather look good!
my favorite shot I took of my beautiful best friend!

Weekend in NYC

Not too much time had passed when we had planned another get-together (pregnancy+very attached long distance best friends = lots of best friend time needed!). This time in my neck of the woods. She and her boyfriend came to NYC for one last trip before the baby and although we planned to meet for the whole weekend, it kind of turned into a one day thing. They still stayed for the weekend though. We had a really nice time chatting and seeing NYC that day!

Meet Lucas

Lucas, "Lukie" as I call him, was born in January. I was originally suppose to go after Monica's due date which was around my birthday (I kept joking that he should be born on my birthday). So because of this, I was expecting to see a baby, either before or after my visit. But what do you know.. he came early! At this point, I had not bought my tickets so because of many many factors around his birth, I kept pushing off my visit. He had to stay at the hospital for bit, so either way I didn't want to show up and be a burden to them while all this was happening. He is now very healthy though! :) Then, because of more factors in my life this time, I had to keep pushing it off again. But finally, I visited the weekend of St. Patrick's Day (which coincidentally was his two months).

It was love at first sight. He is the cutest little thing. I obviously had obsessed over every photo, snapchat, video, FaceTime call, etc - you name it - I had ever received since his birth, but seeing him in person was much different. His little noises and the way he looks at you, melts your heart. Mind you, I'm an only child, with all my cousins pretty much in Cuba from either families, and moved away from most of my close friends when I moved up North, so let's just say I've been baby deprived for a long time. He stole my heart like no other.

As all my close Miami friends that reached out to me know, this visit was purely for Monica and Lucas. Babies grow so quickly, and I won't get to be around either of them enough, so I really wanted to make this particular trip count. We went everywhere together - the two couples and the babe.

I wanted to dedicate a whole post to this bundle of joy since he has been a big part of my daily life for almost a year now. From the second we knew of him, to now, where every photo I get of him makes my day. I can't wait to watch him grow and can't wait to see him again! Love you, Lukie! ♥︎
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